Council in partnership with Swaszy Granite are constructing over 3000 tamper proof executive graves that match international standards at Warren Hills Executive Memorial Park.
Chief Parks and Cemeteries Officer Godfrey Batsirai Munetsi said the graves are sold in advance.
He said the site had long been planned for the purpose but only resources were holding work back.
One hundred and seven graves had been constructed by Tuesday 3 September.
Swaszy Granite Managing Director Onias Chagaresango said the partnership will help renew the city burial sites.
“The coffin will be laid on granite stone while the top cover will also be in granite.
Council collects burial fees to allow for the interment of the grave owners.
“The graves will have a cemetery management software connected to the GPRS to monitor and locate the graves over the computer,” said Mr Chagaresango.
A section for cremations has been set aside.
Executive toilets, benches, pavements and walkways will be constructed.
A shade will be erected to be used during the rainy season.
Reticulated water has already been provided.