Council has adopted the e-agenda to enable active stakeholder participation and achieve the mid-term goal of reaching the 75 percent customer satisfaction by year end.
Speaking to stakeholders at Town House today, Acting Mayor Councillor Happymore Gotora said council was engaging residents through social media platforms.
"We have adopted the e-agenda. We are engaging our stakeholders through our social media platforms that include Facebook, instagram, Twitter and our website. Those who have been engaging can testify as this initiative has helped in solving certain issues," he said.
He said social media platforms also serve as notice boards that give stakeholders information about the activities being carried out in council.
Cllr Gotora said the involvement of the stakeholders in the running of council will enable council to benchmark its success and failures.
"Stakeholder participation is central to good governance and an important factor in sustainable development. The city came up with a comprehensive stakeholder policy document in 2016 that governs the way we work," he said.
He hailed the stakeholders working with Council to achieve the world class vision and the mid-term agenda of customer satisfaction by the end of 2020.
"We need to share the same vision with our stakeholders in order to reach and achieve our desired goals," he said.