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Council is working on building 11 new toilets across the city to meet growing demand.
Existing toilets are inadequate with people walking long distances to the nearest facility. Harare’s day time population is over four million implying a greater need for the facilities.
Additional toilets will provide convenience to the public.
A senior council official disclosed the plans in a recent interview.
The city traditionally constructs toilets in places of high traffic movement like ranks and shopping centres but with increase in human traffic and volume in the CBD, the need for more toilets becomes apparent.
A study to determine the number of required toilets is underway. The city will ensure that every shopping centre has working ablution facilities.
The private sector is encouraged to approach council for land to build pay toilets.
The City is currently working on a project to build 11 toilets at some shopping centres, but has got 21 toilets in the CBD of which seven of those are pay toilets.
According to a Reuters report China has plans to build more toilets to attract more tourists following complaints about the hygiene levels at most of that country’s public toilets.
Harare receives thousands of tourists every year.

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