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The fire brigade and the Corporate Communications Division are spearheading a fire away awareness campaign citywide.

Every year property worth several millions is lost to fires countrywide.

The campaign has seen the teams visiting Mabvuku, Tafara, Dzivarasekwa and Kuwadzana in July.

Lead campaigner, Customer Relationship Officer, Mercy Makuwatsine, said the campaign helps to increase interaction between city authorities and the residents.

“We want the people to be aware of the dangers of uncontrolled and spontaneous fires. Our aim is to safeguard people’s investments,” awareness,” said Ms Makuwatsine.

The campaign teaches on how to make their houses safe from fire and urges them to seek professional assessments of their property’s fire safety standards.

Basic fire safety measures were meant to enlighten residents to educate each other on how to use gas tanks, discourage children from playing with lit candles. Even smokers were discouraged from wantonly throwing their stubs away.

The campaign was done in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Republic Police who assisted members of the communities in identifying fire risks in and around their homes and to know how to minimize the threats posed by those risks.

Acting Chief Fire Officer Mr Lovemore Mafukidze said some fires are being started by people who do not know the dangers of fire.

“Sometimes people are ignorant of the dangers of fire in the communities they live in and by engaging through awareness campaigns this helps to stop fires when they start and to prevent deaths from occurring.”

The campaign is targeted at all communities highlighting major causes of fires such as malfunctioning electrical devices, misuse of heaters, unattended cooking, mishandling of flammables, candles and smoking materials.


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