Harare City Council has the equivalent local currency to bring in the 15 refuse trucks which have been holed up in South Africa since 2017 due to the unavailability of the required US$1.3 million to complete the purchase of the trucks.
However efforts to get the equivalent in American dollars have not been successful.
Mayor Herbert Gomba confirmed the local funds availability.
In an interview he said since council does not charge residents in foreign currency and depends on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe like other State and quasi government institutions.
In 2017 Harare City Council acquired $19 million worth of road maintenance equipment under the $30 million loan facility accessed from local banks for recapitalisation.
Under the loan facility, 30 refuse compactors were bought from one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturing companies, FAW Group Corporation, for $3.1 million and 15 have been delivered.
The other 15 as well as pieces of road equipment have been stuck in South Africa since then.
“We charge our residents in RTGS dollars. It is difficult for us to raise the foreign currency required. We are engaging the RBZ and remain hopeful,” he said.
“We are making interventions to access forex from other sources. Construction of cloak rooms will begin soon in Mbare. Current private operators are charging in US$ and we going to do the same. The private players are actually using council facilities.
He said there will soon be a facility for some land sales to be paid for in United States dollars.
Zimbabwe has a huge population in the diaspora.